Our Story

My husband and I created She Will Defend to be a welcoming learning environment for everyone, no matter what your experience with firearms is.  We pride ourselves on providing a safe, friendly, and approachable experience for all levels.  

We understand how intimidating gun stores and shooting ranges can be, especially if you have never been to one before.  We have redesigned the entire firearm experience by providing safety seminars taught in the comfort of your own home, larger classes to continue your learning and connect with the community, one-on-one range experiences where you can try different pistols to see which is right for you, and more.     

Our passion lies in preparing people to defend their life and the lives of their loved ones.  Being able to safely and effectively use a gun in self-defense is a core aspect but our training does not stop there.  Just as important is teaching your family how to be safe around firearms, how to proactively protect your family inside your home, and how to refuse to be a victim.  Even if you aren’t sure if gun ownership is for you, protecting yourself and your family is for everyone.  Our most important job is to prepare you and help you feel confident in your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. 

While our training is geared towards women, everyone is welcome to attend our classes.  Couples will find the experience to be a great bonding experience, and men will appreciate the same accessible firearms experience. 


Hello! I’m Sarah Winkler. Colorado native and Mother of two.  

Gun ownership for me started when I joined the military. I had never shot a gun before!!! I started with an M16, and I just remember it being so loud and shaking my entire body while I was shooting. I was very intimidated and dreaded going to the range. I remember coming off of the range my first time shooting feeling like I wanted to cry. As I grew in the Army, my fear of guns turned into a respect, then the respect turned into a hobby, and now my hobby is my passion. I love going to the range now. I love participating in new shooting drills and pushing my personal limits.

Out of the Army, I knew I wanted to be able to teach to my family and friends how to shoot. I know a lot of family members who want to be able to shoot and conceal carry, but sometimes do not know where to start. And when you do start, it feels like some of the gun stores and ranges feel like they don’t have the patience for new shooters. That’s what drove me to start this company with my husband. There is no reason anyone should feel nervous or intimidated to own or operate a firearm. If you feel nervous getting into firearms, you are not alone. We want to create an open environment, that goes at your individual speed, to make you a confident competent firearms owner.

We have two little girls. Family is very important to me. Our classes are for everyone! One of my favorite date nights with Russ is going to the range, and it has allowed us to enjoy a hobby together. If you are thinking of doing our class, I highly recommend bringing your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or BFF. Even if conceal carry is not for your, knowing how to safely operate a firearm is such an important skill.


I grew up with an appreciation for guns.  My earliest memories of firearms are with my grandfather when I was 10 years old.  Even then he had me watch VHS tapes of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle on firearm safety before I ever even touched a gun.  He knew that safety was essential to creating a lifelong enjoyment of guns. 

I joined the US Army with the desire to protect our amazing country.  I spent a significant amount of that time deployed to various countries and saw firsthand the incredible power of the inalienable rights that our country guarantees to its citizens.  Of all the nations that have ever existed, ours is unique in its recognition of our fundamental right to free speech, right to association, and the right to keep and bear arms.   

Now that I have a family of my own, I am incredibly appreciate of the right to protect them.  I have a passion for teaching others how to protect themselves as well.  America is a great country and most people will live most of their lives without ever being threatened.  But the times when our family is threatened can change everything, and we need to be prepared for them.